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The story behind our rooms-Miss Inés de Ulloa

Rooms at the Hotel Dona Maria take their name from many famous women born in Seville or who passed through the city leaving their mark.

And with this excuse we will tell one to one the story of women who give their name to the rooms of our hotel. And we begin today with Miss Ines de Ulloa; that gives name to our room 310, a magnificent double room with balcony and stunning views of the Giralda and Seville Cathedral.

Who was Doña Inés? Immortalized by Zorrilla in his play "Don Juan Tenorio", Ines de Ulloa is the daughter of a commander and engaged to Don Juan. The action takes place in Seville in 1945, in the last years of King Carlos I of Spain.
In the verses of Zorrilla it is said that Agnes was; "In light of which the sun finds its brightness, the most beautiful private dove of liberty". This beautiful baroque metaphor caused a sensation in romantic literature.

Inés de Ulloa is a young girl of 17 years, daughter of the commander of Calatrava, with an innocent, pure religion and affects personality. SInce she was very young she stayed at the convent of Calatrava, by order of his father, and had a very monotonous life filled with loneliness, knew virtually nothing of life and had no children.
It was a very beautiful woman who died of grief when her fiance Don Juan killed his father. This death represents the delivery of Ines soul to God to purify the Don Juan.

The poetry of Don Juan has an annual echo in the theaters of Seville, as an immortal lady remember that, in a way, is reincarnated in many sevillanas.

Our room 310 takes her name to not erase from the memory.




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